Educational Experiment Kit-Grow a Maze-1001


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Second Classroom Children Training.

Cultivate children's interest in growing plants and observe what kind of environment plants are suitable for growing up in.

Designing plant growth routes by yourself, everyone's maze growth routes can grow differently!

Remember to water your beloved plants every day and bask them in the warm sunshine, so that they can grow up faster.~

Plant Wars Maze contains:

Botanical Room: A plastic trough for fixing light-shielding paper, a roof with holes, a transparent front cover and a plant racing wall are used to make a long shade of the labyrinth and a short shade of the labyrinth.

Water tank and soil tank: 8 plant branches, 1 transparent soil tank front cover, 1 soil container, 1 water container, 1 drip irrigation, 1 magnifying glass, 2 shading paper


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